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A group to challenge toward World Food problem solving from the Agriculture equipment. This is what Sanei Industry Co., Ltd.


boss1.jpgTsuyoshi Mohri (President) 

  • Sanei is a company to contribute to customers, as one of person as
  • well as one of company staff.
  • President, Tsuyoshi Mohri believe the company should be needed by the
  • customers, then it is necessary to be here for the company to serve the
  • customers. 
  • " To contribute to the customers" along with company activities is our
  • top priority, otherwise, no reason to the company to be here.
  • We have founded in 1961 as small steel plant, we have continued to
  • research potentiality needs and make them to convenience equipment, then
  • sale them to the customer for reasonable price. This should continue in
  • the future as well.
  • In the environment surrounding food and agriculture, 
  • security of the food is reliable. And it is price competition and stable
  • supply, as it has been changed year by year.

  • In the world, demand of food increase dramatically and increase
  • importance of agriculture.
  • This is Sanei time, in order to support food supply in the world, so
  • that agriculture equipment become more important.
  • We, Sanei served, are serving and will be serving to the customers